Ordering Policies


All packages are usually shipped within 48 hours. If this is a USA shipment you should be expecting your package within 3-5 business days by USPS. International packages are shipped by USPS and can take up to 8-15 days to receive. Please also be aware our products are a high demand product line; backorders can accrue without notice. If you need to check on the status of your order, please e-mail the customer service department with your order number.
Please be aware that additional taxes and tariffs may apply on international orders. We have no control over them and cannot be responsible for them. You may wish to contact your local postal service or import/customs office to find out what charges are applied to foreign purchases. We cannot guarantee that your country does not have restrictions regarding importation of herbal products, so please be sure to check before ordering, as we are not responsible for packages that are confiscated or destroyed by customs agents.

Free product satisfaction guarantee

Customer satisfaction and confidence in PureBust is very important to us. PureBust comes with a 120-day satisfaction FREE product guarantee, if you have zero results then the products are FREE! We want you to get results, so we are happy to send you FREE products until you achieve the new breast size you desire. Limit 4 months.

We know that if our products are used as directed, you have at least a 98% chance of the product working for you at some level; that is, if you give our products the chance to work for you. That means using our products faithfully for 60-120 days. We offer the best guarantee of any product of its kind because we truly believe our unique line of products is the best natural treatment on the market. We want you to be satisfied with your experience with our products, be realistic about your expectations. Be patient and allow the products sufficient time to work.

General polocies

A: We understand that everyone’s body is different including; metabolism, diet, chemistry, genetics, personal habits and how it can affect how our products will work for you personally. Results vary depending on how well your body incorporates herbs and this may take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months or more. You are encouraged to use all the products according to the directions to ensure the quickest most effective results.

The largest cause of people not responding to our products is due to a lapse in the program(s) or diversion from the instructions. It is vital that you follow the program(s) exactly as prescribed. The serving sizes/amounts used need to be on a consistent and regular schedule to achieve the desired results.

Most people who do not see positive results with our products have generally not used the products correctly or long enough. Please be patient and allow the products sufficient time to work. If our products do not meet your desired goal, it does not mean that it did not work for you. If your breasts are firmer or slightly larger…it worked. You may just need to use it longer to achieve your goal.

B: Give our products the best chance to work for you by following the dietary guidelines, which are staying away from caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and carbonated beverages. Research shows that 98% of people show improvement with our products by the end of 60-120 days. Because of this research, we ask that everyone give our products a fair chance to work by taking/using 2 to 4 bottles for 60-120 days. Our products should start taking effect anywhere from one to two months and for best results from four months. Our goal is to provide you with excellent customer support and service with our products as your satisfaction and success are very important to us!

C: The free product guarantee is limited to 4 months. After 4 months you will no longer be able to receive free products.

D: Reorders constitute satisfaction so if you do not contact the customer service department at the end of your 2-4 month period stating the products haven’t worked for you, the guarantee will be voided once a reorder is placed. All promotional sale & individual product orders are final and do not qualify for free products. Obvious, intentional abuse or fraud will void our guarantee to that person(s). There will be no refunds given for refused packages due to customer refusal when delivery is being attempted.

E: If you have an existing illness or allergies of any kind, we stress the importance of speaking to your physician about the herbs in our products prior to making your purchase, as we are unable to return the products if you cannot use them.

We make no exceptions to our policy. We ask that you read and understand our policies thoroughly before making your purchase. By ordering you are agreeing with the terms and conditions outlined. We make no exceptions in whole or in part of this policy.